Investigations Core Course I


Investigations Core Course I

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Investigations Core Course I is designed to acquaint the investigator student with the procedures, techniques, legal concerns, and challenges associated with an investigation. The program focuses on the role of the investigator and emphasizes on investigation skills and legal requirements. Combing live online¬†classroom lectures and practical exercises in the program, allows students to better comprehend the various investigative procedures. Investigations Core Course I is the first course in all certification programs at RMTI Global Campus. Students are authorized to take this course without being registered for a certification program. RMTI Global Campus provides discounted rates for these courses when enrolled in a certification program. RMTI Global Campus’ certification programs include the General Investigations Certification Program, Specialized Investigations Certification in Financial Crimes, Specialized Investigations Certification in Forensic Accounting, Specialized Investigations Certification in Computer Forensics, and Specialized Investigations Certification in Surveillance and Case Photography. Contact an RMTI Global Campus Admissions Counselor at (720) 638-4109 for additional information about one of these certification programs.


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