Cellular Forensics


Cellular Forensics

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Product Description

Cellular Forensics is designed to provide the student with the training necessary to complete a forensically sound, logical attainment of digital evidence from cellular devices. It also includes an understanding of cell technologies; practical application of historical tracking, and the skills to frame an investigation from evidence obtained through call detail records.
At the conclusion of this course, the training participant will have demonstrated, through the successful completion of a written exam and practical exercise that he/she has a functional knowledge of:
  • Understanding cellular GSM, CDMA, and iDEN technologies and the art of framing investigations from evidence obtained through call detail records.
  • Evidence Acquisition and extraction using an industry standard mobile device extraction tool and methodology.
  • Learning the correct method of seizing and securing a cellular phone device using Faraday methods to prevent live evidence from changing.
  • Using call detail records obtained from the cellular service provider, the student will be able to map and track the mobile device’s movement by using standard mapping programs such as Google Earth.
  • Using call detail records, students will be able to import information into a standard intelligence program such as Pen-Link or RFFLOW and show a pattern of usage of the suspects in a simulated investigative scenario.


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