Apple Forensics and Analysis


Apple Forensics and Analysis

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As Times and trends change, Apple devices are becoming more popular. They can be found anywhere from educational classrooms to personal home computers. In a world that predominately focused on Windows devices, digital forensic investigators and analysts are now finding themselves in front of new Apple, Mac, and iDevices. With the increasing popularity of Apple devices, forensic investigators and analysts should know how to work with the Apple product.
Apple Forensic Analysis provides the tools and techniques for students necessary to take on any Mac case without hesitation. The intense hands-on forensic analysis skills taught in the course will enable Windows-based investigators to expand upon their analysis capabilities and have the confidence and knowledge to comfortably analyze any Mac or iOS system.
The objective of Apple Forensics and Analysis is to form a well-rounded investigator by introducing Mac forensics into a Windows-based forensics world. This course focuses on topics such as the HFS+ file system, Mac specific data files, tracking user activity, system configuration, analysis and correlation of Mac logs, Mac applications, and Mac exclusive technologies. A computer forensic investigator or analyst student who successfully completes the course will have the skills needed to take on a Mac forensics case.

Course Topics:

  • In-Depth HFS+ File System Examination
  • File System Timeline Analysis
  • Advanced Computer Forensics Methodology
  • Mac-Specific Acquisition and Incident Response Collection
  • Mac Memory Acquisition and Analysis
  • File System Data Analysis
  • Metadata Analysis
  • Recovery of Key Mac Files
  • Volume and Disk Image Analysis
  • Analysis of Mac Technologies, including Time Machine, Spotlight, and FileVault
  • Advanced Log Analysis and Correlation
  • iDevice Analysis and iOS Artifacts


Computer Forensics Foundation III


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