Forensics Law and Ethics


Forensics Law and Ethics

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Forensic Law and Ethics focuses on the real-world application of forensic science ethics codes to ethical dilemmas faced in forensic science and offers instruction in the background of ethics codes. The course is not intended to teach students to be honest or good, and it is not a forum for an instructor to impose his or her personal views of what constitutes ethical conduct. Rather, the class provides tools to readily access the content of forensic science ethics codes from around the world and gives students the opportunity to apply that content to realistic scenarios and discuss their results with the class.
The materials in this course offer awareness into the role of morals, motivations for unethical conduct, the various types of codes, their history, their features and purpose, their differences and similarities, and their enforcement policies. Issues surrounding filing an ethics complaint or being the subjects of an ethics allegation are discussed. The target audience is an individual who plans on working with evidence in traditional crime laboratory disciplines or who wishes to teach in a forensics science program.
After taking Forensics Law and Ethics, Students will be familiar with the content of ethics codes from several forensic science professional associations, and to complete practical exercises in applying that knowledge to realistic ethical dilemmas.


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