Cold Case Investigations


Cold Case Investigations

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Crimes that have no active leads that investigators can pursue and that have gone unsolved for years are refereed as cold cases. Using combined classroom lectures and practical exercises Cold Case Investigations offers students the information that is required to conduct a cold case investigation. The course will provide the students with the knowledge base to correctly go back to the unsolved case and reconstruct the scene of the crime, while looking for any new evidence.
Cold Case Investigations primary focus is to teach the student how to investigate a cold case. The students will be provided with the knowledge they need to successfully re-open a case once a new lead is found and what needs to be accomplished to bring a cold case to a close.

Course Topics:

  • Types of Cold Cases
  • Preparing for the investigation
  • Opening a closed case
  • Attaining Old files and evidence
  • Reconstructing the Crime scene
  • Logging New Evidence
  • Solving and closing out the Case


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