Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

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The science of bloodstain pattern analysis can assist investigators in making critical determinations, such as, relative positions of the victim or suspect, the nature of the force and weapon used, and the approximate number of times the victim was struck during an assault. Using combined classroom lectures and practical exercises, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is designed for students who want to investigate crime scenes containing blood evidence, such as assaults and death investigation, as well as those who process bloodstained evidentiary items. The Student will learn the basic knowledge of bloodstain pattern analysis, including methods and skills for the scientific interpretation of bloodstain evidence at crime scenes and on evidentiary items.

Course Topics:

  • Biological hazards in crime scenes
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis and courtroom testimony
  • Chemical processing of crime scenes
  • Determining area of convergence of bloodstains
  • Determining area of origin of bloodstains
  • Determining the angle of impact of bloodstains
  • Documenting crime scenes
  • History of bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Identification and analysis of bloodstain patterns
  • Measuring bloodstains
  • Utilizing bloodstain pattern analysis at crime scenes


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