About us


Rocky Mountain Training Institute (RMTI) is a vocational school providing students with the training and skills necessary to prepare for a career in a wide variety of computer and criminal justice fields. RMTI also provide training to students who are already in the career field by offering courses that prepare the student for promotional or transfers to specialized assignments. RMTI offers both a brick and mortar campus through our RMTI Boulder Campus and online campus through RMTI Global Campus.


With a serious lack of training consistency in criminal justice and computer fields, RMTI provides a place for students to learn from experts in each area of the criminal justice and computer fields. Both RMTI Boulder and RMTI Global Campus offer students the ability to learn from expert professors and instructors in topics such as Crime Scene Investigation, Computer Forensics, Homicide Investigations, Financial Crimes Investigation, and certifications in A+, Network+, and Security+ to name only a few. RMTI currently offers over sixty computer and criminal justice-based courses and certifications in a large number of these courses.


Rocky Mountain Training Institute’s professors and instruction staff have had extensive education and experiences in the field they are teaching. Each of our instruction staff have Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in their respective fields and come to us with actual field experience. RMTI administrators believe that it is necessary to have both education and work history in order to be a well-rounded teacher. All of RMTI‘s courses are taught with an emphasis on hands-on student interaction. It is our belief that students will learn the best when they not only are verbally taught course material, but also when they are physically involved the lessons learned in each course. This type of training ensures that both verbal and hands-on learners take the most away from the courses and certification programs that they pursue.


Rocky Mountain Training Institute is an equal opportunity school and will never treat students differently based upon their race, nationality, religion, or other protected statuses. RMTI believes that each student should be provided a protected environment to learn.